Employee Spotlight: Beswent Bester


I’m excited to share my career journey and growth within AHI Carrier, starting on August 1, 2016, as a Toshiba Technician. The experience has been nothing short of transformative, propelling me from the role of a technician to becoming the Toshiba Specifying Engineer and Head of Technical by January 2018.

In my initial days, I played a crucial role in the first Toshiba hybrid selection and sale in South Africa in 2017. The success of this venture paved the way for my promotion and a shift into a more challenging yet rewarding role. As the Head of Technical, I’ve been fortunate to receive guidance and training from both AHI-Carrier and the Toshiba factory, equipping me with the skills to provide quality solutions to our clients. Technical support continues to be a central element of my daily operations, ensuring my knowledge stays sharp and facilitating the seamless transfer of expertise to both clients and colleagues.

Reflecting on notable projects during my time at AHI Carrier/Toshiba, two stand out as exceptional examples of the company’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The first, ongoing since 2017, involves AHI-Carrier supplying Toshiba condensing units and DX kits for humidity and temperature control hybrid units in data centres. The collaboration with contractors and AHU manufacturers has not only secured numerous small projects but has also expanded Toshiba’s DX boundaries in South Africa.

The second project, an Indoor Grow Facility, showcased AHI-Carrier and Toshiba’s dedication to quality and innovation. The unique requirements, including temperature and humidity control with large heat load variables, were met seamlessly by Toshiba’s equipment. The project marked Toshiba’s foray into indoor grow facilities in South Africa, culminating in the facility receiving GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, allowing them to export their products internationally.

In my experience, the most remarkable product introduced by AHI Carrier/Toshiba within the Sales department is the SMMS-u VRF Heat Pump systems. These units, with their high energy efficiency, large capacity, flexible design, unique defrosting control, and world-first DLC Triple Rotary compressors, have revolutionized the market. Not only do these systems operate with less refrigerant, providing cost savings and reducing environmental impact, but they also offer unparalleled benefits to end-users.

What sets AHI Carrier/Toshiba apart in the market, especially in Sales and Exports, is a combination of core strengths and differentiators that give us a competitive advantage:

AHI-Carrier supports Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, focusing on reducing customers’ carbon footprints. We contribute to addressing climate change by creating reliable and safe solutions that interact seamlessly with each other and with users.

The future of refrigerants is a significant concern, and our commitment to continuous research and development ensures our products comply with and support F-Gas regulations. Our product range includes a variety of building management systems, simplifying control and monitoring for a clearer and more effective world. Beyond high-quality products, AHI-Carrier provides expert and qualified technical assistance and support, ensuring equipment longevity and minimising downtime for year-round comfort.

AHI-Carrier prioritises product ranges that emphasise quality, performance, and longevity, providing clients with peace of mind.

Clients benefit from quality technical support with direct communication to the factory support team, ensuring a quick and accurate response time. State-of-the-art testing equipment is employed to base our support on facts and true measurements.

In conclusion, my journey at AHI Carrier/Toshiba has been an incredible one, marked by personal growth and significant contributions to the success of impactful projects. The commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility makes AHI Carrier/Toshiba a leader in the industry, providing clients with not just products but comprehensive solutions for a better, more sustainable future.