Employee Spotlight: Lance Goldblatt

I embarked on my journey with AHI Carrier June 22, 2016, stepping into the role of a Sales Engineer responsible for the Toshiba brand. Initially, my focus was on VRF solutions, but it quickly evolved to encompass a wider scope, including Carrier chiller pricing and selections. As time went on, my responsibilities shifted completely towards Carrier solutions.


Major Milestones & Highlights:


Throughout my tenure at AHI Carrier, I’ve had the privilege of being part of several significant milestones:

  • Spearheading the first-ever Toshiba specified VRF system in South Africa for Netcare, featuring cutting-edge components like Fresh air DX Kits, individual metering, and central controls.
  • Pioneering the first use of Carrier 30KAV air-cooled variable speed chillers in South Africa for Investec.
  • Introducing the first Carrier 30XWHVze – HFO chiller in South Africa for Sanlam Head Office.
  • Overseeing the first complete retrofit of Sanlam data centre, transitioning to HFO-based air-cooled and water-cooled chillers with continuous operation and zero downtime.
  • Delivering the first Carrier 19DV high efficiency centrifugal HFO chiller in South Africa for Stellenbosch University Engineering Faculty as part of a district cooling plant project.
  • Achieving a second milestone with the 19DV chiller, this time for Amazon Zola’s district cooling plant.


Company Culture & Values:


AHI Carrier boasts a culture deeply rooted in pride, built upon a rich history of innovation, quality, and service. One particular company initiative that resonates with me is their unwavering commitment to ethics. As someone who values honesty, integrity, and transparency, I find this alignment crucial for long-term success.


Team Dynamics & Relationships:


The strength of our team, both locally and internationally, has played a pivotal role in my professional growth. Working closely with colleagues from sales, service, and admin departments has fostered an environment where problems are addressed collaboratively, leading to innovative solutions. Our dedicated service team’s commitment and willingness to go above and beyond has left a lasting impression, and their tireless efforts have contributed significantly to our success.


Future Aspirations & Vision:


Looking ahead, I envision AHI Carrier’s growth continuing to thrive, fuelled by our exceptional team. My personal mission within the company is to sell peace of mind, transcending the mere promotion of a brand. In challenging times, it’s our dedicated team that will pave the path to success.


Advice to New Team Members:


To newcomers joining our team, I offer this advice: Embrace the wealth of knowledge available to you here; absorb it like a sponge. The experiences you gain at AHI Carrier will serve as a solid foundation for your future endeavours. In this company, we sell not just products, but trust and reliability.


In summary, my journey at AHI Carrier has been marked by growth, milestones, and unwavering teamwork, all of which have contributed to my personal and professional development. I look forward to continuing this incredible journey as we collectively steer the company toward greater success.