History of Toshiba Air Conditioning


For the last 54 years, Toshiba has studied, designed and innovated for the air conditioning market, a sector that is very competitive.

For Toshiba, quality is always a priority. Today it is a real difference between us and other air conditioner manufacturers. This is the philosophy that forms the basis of every air conditioner we develop and manufacture. No compromise. Only quality.

  • 1875 – Hisashige Tanaka opened a telegraph equipment factory in Shimbashi, Tokyo
  • 1931 – Completed Japan’s first hermetical compressor for cooling equipment.
  • 1961 – Toshiba completed the world’s first residential air conditioner.
  • 1968 – Toshiba developed Japan’s first rotor compressor and started international commercial networks in Europe, North America and Middle East
  • 1978 First electronic-controlled air-conditioner
  • 1980 First inverter air-conditioner
  • 1981 First inverter residential air-conditioner
  • 1988 First twin-rotary compressor
  • 1993 First digital twin-rotary inverter compressor
  • 1998 First Green Air Conditioner CFC free using (R410A) refrigerant
  • 2000 First “Daiseikai” with Plasma Air Purifier and Air Ionizer
  • 2004 First “ Daiseikai Fixed-Speed “ for APO markets
  • 2007 Toshiba developed highest COP Daiseikai Inverter
  • 2010 New Toshiba IAQ air filter