A Buyer’s Guide to Residential Air Conditioners

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With summer fast approaching, it’s fair to assume that we should all start looking at our residential air conditioning units to ensure they’re up for the challenge. Most of the time, these robust units only need a good clean and a service to keep them running efficiently during the hottest season of the year. But what should you keep in mind if you need to replace an existing unit, or install a new one somewhere else?

With so much on the market, it’s a somewhat daunting decision at the best of times. That’s why AHI Toshiba has put together a little cheat sheet on choosing residential air conditioners for your convenience and peace of mind. Here’s our guide to purchasing units like these…

1) Do your research

You have options so it’s always in your best interest to know what they are. And when you think you’ve shopped around enough, shop a little more. There’s a lot on the market – so it’s easy to get caught up in settling for something that appears to be the right option. Compare models, prices, energy consumption, warranties, and even installation costs before you commit to a residential air conditioning unit. After all, not all units were created equal. Reading up online also helps you get a good idea of what each unit delivers. You can access a host of ratings, reviews, and comments on the Internet if you look up the brand and model number.

2) You get what you pay for

Sure, this one’s a tale as old as time but it couldn’t be closer to the truth. You might be tempted to purchase something that appears to be a great deal, but a lower price point doesn’t always equal quality or value. What you subtract in price you often subtract in actual capacity, longevity, energy efficiency and after sales service. So you need to ask yourself if paying a little less is worth more of the hassle in the long run. Often, that answer is a no. So don’t fall victim to cheaper, inferior products – you’ll come to regret it later.

3) Reputation is everything

When choosing a new air conditioning unit for your premises, a reputable brand will ensure that you get the quality and service you deserve. More often than not, people only appreciate the reputation of a brand once something goes wrong and it’s too late to change their minds. So be sure to pick a brand that has long-standing experience and a stellar reputation in the air conditioning realm. That way, you won’t be disappointed.

4) Location is key

You need to take into account where the unit will be placed as this influences the kind of unit you will purchase and how it is installed. This will also impact the overall costs of putting in the unit. Make sure you will be able to access the unit for services and filter cleans, as they are important for the lifespan of the unit.

5) Opt for all-round efficiency

We live in an age where resources are limited and expensive to use. This is why it’s important to select a residential unit that is energy efficient, flexible in application, and yields a superior air quality. With residential properties being tranquil environments, low operating sound levels are also advised to keep you, your family, and guests comfortable at all times.

When it comes to cooling your property, only the best will do. At AHI Toshiba, we’re experts in residential and light commercial cooling systems. For more on our extensive range and what we could do for you, please contact us today at www.ahi-toshibasa.co.za