AHI Carrier presents Toshiba Air Conditioning Range

AHI Toshiba SA presentation

Toshiba Air conditioning

Friday, 25 August 2017 AHI Carrier, the official distributor for Toshiba air conditioning in South Africa, presents an in-depth view to their Toshiba Air Conditioning range. The presentations took place at AHI Carrier/Toshiba Head office in Kensington, Johannesburg, with Scott Meikle, Director, Jacques Samuels, Toshiba Engineering Manager, and Beswent Bester, Toshiba Technical Support, outlying the innovative technology of the Toshiba air conditioning range.

After the recent launch of the Toshiba air conditioning range into the South African market, Toshiba make special notice to their new and improved SMMS-e and SHRM-e VRF units. Boasting one of the most advanced compressors with dual vane, twin rotary technology regulating up to 0.1Kz steps. Samuels indicates the improvements made on the condenser fan propeller ensuring a decrease in noise while operating at full and part load conditions.

Toshiba’s first world technology advances now control the amount of refrigerant that is being sent to each indoor unit, via their Pulse Motor Valves (PMV’s) control. Ensuring optimal comfort conditions for even the fussiest client.

Toshiba Demonstration

Among the presentations that were presented to the guests, they completed a tour around the office. Bester, demonstrated the flexibility of the Toshiba controls, allowing you to control your unit remotely from anywhere. What’s more the guests got to view and experience the several different indoor units connected to 2x SHRM-e VRF units in the basement. Toshiba’s VRF units can be installed in the basement or on the roof of your office block.

Once inside the basement, the guests were intrigued when they noticed that the units have been opened for them to view how the internals are operating while the units are in part load operation. Many of the consultants and contractors that attended the presentations were blown away when looking at what Toshiba can achieve concerning component failure, by isolating the faulty unit while ensuring the remaining units continue to operate without being affected.

Toshiba Air conditioning units

What’s more Toshiba Air conditioning offers consultants and contractors exceptional warranty on their compressors, of up 7-years cover. With an ESEER level of 8 and above, keeping the environment safe while keeping you cool by mastering seasonal efficiency.

In conclusion it is clear that Toshiba’s philosophy of “No compromise. Only quality” forms the basis for each unit that Toshiba has to offer. To find the Toshiba’s VRF unit best suited for you visit: www.ahi-toshibasa.co.za/variable-refrigerant-flow-vrf/