Common Air Conditioner Issues and Their Causes


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The average cooling unit can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years. It could end up even more if you carry out regular servicing. This means that the need for spare parts or replacements is inevitable, regardless of whether you’ve got a ducted system or a hi wall air conditioner.

Most air conditioning issues are ones that stem from a lack of maintenance, poor installation and even incorrect use. This makes it tough to determine exactly what causes the issues as it’s usually a combination of several factors:


How old is your unit? Normally, age is the single biggest factor when professionals evaluate how well your air conditioner performs. It’s also a good way to flag potential problems.


When last did you change the filters on your unit? If you find that the filters were changed but the performance of your air conditioner improved very little, if anything at all, you might have something more sinister to contend with.


Do you find that your unit is struggling to reach the temperatures you’re setting? This could be a sign that there’s something your air conditioner isn’t agreeing with. So it might be time to call for back up.


Have you noticed that the performance of your air conditioning system varies from day to day? No unit should provide inconsistent performance if it has been installed, used and serviced correctly.

Answered “yes” to any of the questions above? No sweat. There are a few common issues that plague air conditioner owners. If you’re encountering any of these problems on the regular, here’s what could be causing it…

Lack of cool air

This is the most common problem and it is normally caused by pushing units too far. It’s something we’ve all done. When it’s been so hot that we’ve grabbed the remote and hastily dialled the degrees down by more than we should’ve. This puts pressure on the condenser and often leads to the external unit freezing over.

The unit is running but nothing appears to be happening

More often than not, it’s a thermostat issue. This is normally a disconnect between the outdoor unit and your air conditioner’s thermostat. If the electrical connection is checked and found to be intact, your system might be in need of a refrigerant top up.

Your air conditioner turns on and off over and over

This issue is sometimes the result of an issue between the condenser and evaporator. It’s also known as “short cycling” and can be circumvented by a professional.

The bottom line? Don’t go it alone

For a qualified opinion and an effective solution, it pays to call in the professionals. If your air conditioning unit is acting up, don’t wait until it’s too far gone. Rather call in your maintenance provider and get to the bottom of the issue. If your unit needs to be replaced, let us know and we’ll help you choose the right option. For more on our range, please click here.