Commercial HVAC Product of the Year – Cooling and Ventilation

Toshiba Commercial Air-Conditioning
SHRM-e is Toshiba’s latest and most advanced heat recovery VRF system to date
AHI Toshiba Commercial Air Conditioning
WINNER Toshiba – SHRM-e VRF System

The latest three-pipe heat recovery VRF air conditioning from Toshiba Air Conditioning – called the SHRM-e System – sets a new industry standard for energy efficiency and continuous heating performance. It builds on the success of the company’s multi-award-winning SMMS-e system, delivering improvements acro0ss the board in terms of energy efficiency, occupant comfort and breadth of building application.

This has been made possible by developments in key technologies, including the compressor and intelligent control system. A battery of incremental improvements combine to ensure the system achieves an ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration) of 8 and above in most capacities, an industry first, and an ESEER exceeding 7 for all capacities, a previous industry first by Toshiba, achieved by SMMS-e. SHRM-e is Toshiba’s latest and most advanced heat recovery VRF system to date.
It embodies important technical developments that break new ground for the industry in terms of compressors, controls and wireless communications, which extend efficiency and the application envelope for VRF into new territory:

While end-users benefit from reductions in running costs and enhanced comfort, installers profit from the new wireless commissioning and diagnostics system, reducing installation time and opening up fast two-way data exchange. Toshiba’s SHRM-e represents a leap forward for heat recovery VRF technology and that’s why it is a worthy winner.

Airflow Developments – Duplexvent Rotary-N

This range of commercial MVHR units provides 85 per cent thermal efficiency.


The series provides an ‘invisible’ solution to AC requirements where planning constraints preclude utdoor condensing units.

Dencohappel – Combicool Freecool

Combicool Freecool features two separate heat rejection loops between a single indoor and a single outdoor unit.

Eco-Airvent – Classmaster MKII heat recovery unit

The unit uses variable thermal mass technology designed specifically for classroom use.

George Fischer Sales – COOL-FIT 2.0

The first, quick to install completely pre-insulated piping system available on the UK market.

Nuaire – Boxer Packaged Solutions (BPS)

As well as incorporating features, such as pre-wiring and in-built controls to save time and money, PS also reduces energy consumption.

Onesynergy – PAVEL air extraction unit

The aerodynamic design can significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption.

Seeley International – Breezair SuperStealth Supercool TBSiSSO

The Breezair is the world’s first high-performance, inverter motor, axial fan, evaporative air conditioner.

Seeley International – Coolerado ERV

Seeley says its Coolerado ERV can help a building exceed the air ventilation rates required by codes, while dramatically reducing energy consumption.