Creating The Perfect Indoor Climate with Multipurpose Air Conditioning

Creating The Perfect Indoor Climate with Multipurpose Air-conditioning

Whether for home, office or industrial air conditioning requirements, the last thing we need is environments that feel clammy and smell like a marshy swamp. The problem we’re looking at here is humidity levels – the heat to moisture balance or the cool to moisture balance as the case may be. Not only are some climates naturally humid, but air conditioners create their own fair share of moisture – hence the old dripping problem we tend to associate with air conditioners. The solution is a multipurpose air-conditioner with dehumidifying and air-cleaning features besides the obligatory heating and cooling capacity.

In other words, an air conditioner that’s not just an air-conditioner. A big ask? Not for Toshiba who have continued to lead the pack with innovation and cutting-edge technology in the world of climate control.

Multipurpose Air conditioner That Dehumidifies And Purifies The Air We Breathe

Prior to humidity control, controversy as to the effect on our health all but gave conditioned air a bad name. High humidity levels are known to be breeding grounds for mildew, mould and even dust mites. Respiratory hazards for those with allergies or asthma were compounded by the grime and dirt that mounted up in air conditioners. Happily, today’s state-of-the-art multipurpose air-conditioners, the stuffy, clammy air we may have associated with climate control is a thing of the distant past.

The fact remains that Toshiba Air Conditioners pioneered inverter air conditioning, which was developed in-house and forever altered the modus operandi in the climate control field. Maintaining the innovation momentum, when it came to air purifying capacity, Toshiba explored the length, width, height and breadth to supply the right kind of purification specs for each kind of installation. That dedicated focus has led to the innovation and sophistication evidenced in today’s climate control solutions.

Toshiba’s range of multipurpose air-conditioning units sport a variety of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) purifiers. From the basic filters made with natural materials to the Active Carbon-catechin Filter with green tea enzymes to the Plasma Electrostatic filter system, to the Air Ioniser and the Super Ionizer. The ionizers work with negative ions which trap and ‘nuke’ even the smallest contaminants carried in the air – even smoke particles are neutralized.

Dehumidify in Winter With Multipurpose Air conditioners

Many don’t readily recognize what a good thing it is to use a multipurpose air conditioner not just for cooling in the summer, but as a heat source in the winter. Besides the obvious in that the indoor climate is then warm and temperate, it’s dehumidifying capability works wonders on the moisture that tends to collect on our window panes and glass doors. In fact, so effective is the dehumidifier feature, it eliminates misty doors and windows doors, keeping them crystal clear all year round.

Running our multipurpose air conditioners continually serves the double purpose of maintaining them in good working order. Instead of the typical ‘dry start’ we often experience when we try to crank up our air-con to offset the summer heat, our systems transition with us through the seasons. Ambient temperatures can, of course, be thermostatically programmed, which means we don’t even have to remember to turn anything on or off.

Global Warming And Illness Susceptibility Make Multipurpose Air conditioners A Must

The reality is that in most countries, weather patterns are changing and yes, we know, global warming is the likely culprit. Despite the good news that the hole in the ozone layer is apparently shrinking suitably, we still are and still will for the foreseeable future, experience radical temperature changes. We may have cold spells during summer months and hot spells in the winter.  Many coastal towns regularly experience a turbulent, ‘four seasons in a day’ scenario. Maintaining ambient indoor temperatures with our multipurpose air conditioners sets the tone for better health and comfort at home and increased work productivity at the office, says that dehumidifying and purifying the indoor air we breathe is becoming more of a must-have than the nice-to-have it used to be.

Doctors dealing with respiratory health recommend controlled temperatures for those susceptible to asthma and allergies as well as those suffering lung disease or general breathing difficulties. A multipurpose air conditioner creates a win-win in these situations precisely because of their air purifying, dehumidifying capability. Poorly maintained air-conditioning units with grime, slime and plenty of dirt particles circulating have been said to promote infection and illness. The opposite occurs with multipurpose air conditioner systems with dehumidifying and air purifying features. The American Lung Association, in fact, have noted that patients with lung disease do better in consistent temperature-controlled environments. With a great percentage of the working population breathing more indoor air for many hours of the day for most days of the week, it makes sense to use technological advances to provide us with cleaner air where we breathe it most.

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