How To Ensure Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Options For Your Home

AHI Toshiba Eco Friendly Air Conditioning

It’s no secret that our environment is in turmoil. In order to preserve our world for future generations, many people are opting for appliances with a lighter carbon footprint. In the realm of home cooling, eco-friendly air conditioning has become a popular choice for those wanting to keep their homes cool without such a great environmental impact.

If you are currently in the market for a new home cooling system, here is how you can make sure you choose eco-friendly air conditioning:

Look for Ozone-friendly Refrigerant

Many manufacturers are turning to eco and ozone-friendly refrigerants that lessen the impact on the earth’s ozone layer, which is important for filtering the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. With a compromised ozone layer, we’d face dangerously high levels of radiation, so choosing ozone-friendly refrigerants is definitely the wise choice! These eco-friendly refrigerants also transfer heat efficiently, getting your home cooled in no time at all. Toshiba air-conditioners use only ozone friendly refrigerant known as R410a.

Check the Energy Efficiency Rating

Most air conditioning units on the market today will have a rating that tells consumers exactly how efficient the model is in terms of energy usage. It pays to do your research and find out exactly what each manufacturer stands to offer you. You can read many reviews on each make and model online. Toshiba Inverter driven air-conditioners are up to 35% more efficient than conventional non-inverter models.

Choose a brand that cares

When choosing a new home air conditioning system, you should choose a brand that cares about the future of our environment. Take a closer look at the brand’s range, as many eco-friendly systems might be slightly more expensive, but their lower running costs and less harmful effect on the environment will soon justify the extra cost.

At AHI-Toshiba we go the extra mile to keep our clients cool without harming the environment. You’ll find several eco-friendly models suitable for your home. For more on what we could offer you, please visit our website