Get Air Conditioning – Get Clean Air

Get Air Conditioning - Get Clean Air

Are you a constant sufferer of sinus infections, flu or hayfever while you are at home or on your way to work? Does that snuffling stop during your working day and return the minute you set foot outside the office into the so-called fresh, clean air?

Maybe we need to give some thought to how “the fresh clean air” we are breathing these days couldn’t be further from the truth.

And maybe its time to consider installing an airconditioning unit into your home, just like you have at the office.

We all know that during the warmer months of the year we long for the cool refreshing air of our airconditioning units. But we also long for a breath of clean air. While it is commonplace to find airconditioning units installed in office buildings, it is becoming more and more popular to install them at home as well.

The perks of having a cool house during summer are unrivalled, but could it also be possible that your air conditioner is bringing you cleaner and fresher air than what you would find outside?

Clean Air For Everyone

Many have accused the air conditioner of simply recycling the bacteria and germs around your house.

However, if your air conditioner is maintained and serviced regularly then it could actually be saving you on regular trips to the chemist.

Airconditioning filters are specially designed to filter out most urban pollutants, along with dust and other particles that would ordinarily cause breathing difficulties and sinus irritations.

The truth is that if your office aircon is not serviced as often as it needs to be, though, you may find that when one person comes in sick, you all catch it.

Get Air Conditioning - Get Clean Air 2

What To Know

Before you rush out and buy yourself an aircon unit, do some research.

This way you will be prepared when it comes to services and maintenance, and which is the best unit for your individual needs. These checks apply to office systems as well as at home, so why not pass this information on to your maintenance team at work and have clean air wherever you go.

A few things to look out for once you have installed your aircon are:

  • Air filters. These need to be cleaned and maintained regularly or they cannot perform their essential job of removing the dust and pollutants from your home.
  • Check the humidity levels. Is your aircon is dehumidifying the air? If not, you may be creating the perfect breeding ground for germs, moulds and algae, some of which can actually grow inside the unit if not cleaned regularly.
  • Maintain your systems. While you can clean your own filters, it would be a good idea to call in your maintenance company every now and again to ensure that your unit is performing at its best.

If your unit is functioning optimally, then by limiting the increase in air pollutants by keeping doors and windows closed, you will find that within a few hours you are breathing clean air.

Should you find allergies flaring up, then first stop should be to check that your air conditioning unit is functioning correctly and that the filters are clean. Some air conditioning units come with a feature that alerts you to the fact that filters need to be changed, thus effectively pre-empting any air pollution before it occurs.

Did you know:

The Suzumi range from AHI Toshiba comes with an in-built system which automatically dries out the coils when the unit is shut off, thus preventing mould from growing inside the unit. An excellent benefit for clean air and a healthy family!

Fresh, clean, cool air is waiting for you – courtesy of the AHI Toshiba team. Give us a call today and let our friendly team find the best solution for you.