High Capacity and Perfect Comfort

Toshiba’s BIG DI scores BIG on performance, efficiency and installation flexibility for medium-sized shop and office air conditioning.

Toshiba has released its latest next generation outdoor unit, for medium-sized building applications like shops or open space. Thanks to advances in Toshiba’s DC hybrid inverter and twin-rotary compressor technology, the new BIG DI INVERTER 6 SERIES offers best-in-class EER and COP performance, for exceptional efficiency and energy savings. Increased efficiency for part load operation means that for medium season use the BIG DI can operate at reduced capacity and return significant operational cost savings. With excellent SEER and SCOP ratings and the ability to operate at 20% load, optimum efficiency and precise temperature control combine for straightforward use – with no need for constant adjustment or costly switching.

Big DI - High Static Ducted
– High capacity for shops and small office buildings

Already Ecodesign Lot21-TIER 2 compliant, the future-proof outdoor unit is perfect for single room use up to 300 m2. A choice of two outdoor units provides a wide operating range with cooling from 4.6 to 27 kW and heating from 4.6 to 31.5 kW. The extreme temperature range of -27⁰C for heating and 52⁰C for cooling ensures a comfortable working or shopping environment throughout the year.

The BIG DI’s multiple design capability allows for maximum flexibility for the end user and the HVAC installer. Monosplit configuration allows 1:1 use with Toshiba’s 8 or 10 HP high static dust units which are compatible with all types of ducts including textile types. Other twin-, triple- and quad split indoor unit configurations include up to four ceiling, high wall, standard cassette or standard/slim duct units in a header-follower mode.

The BIG DI has been developed with “easy to install” in mind. Flexibility extends to outdoor-to-indoor piping where a generous installation variance of up to 100 m length and 30 m in height makes it one of the most adaptable medium-sized outdoor units available on the market today.

Compact dimensions, modest weight and a small footprint of just 0.37 m2 allows straightforward commissioning with no special lift equipment necessary. Modular construction and industry standard fittings mean fast and efficient installation whilst the low sound power and pressure levels of the BIG DI and its compatible indoor units ensure compliance with international environmental standards.

Toshiba Digital Inverter
TOSHIBA BIG DI – Perfect comfort all year round

The BIG DI’s configuration and piping design flexibility make it a compelling choice for a wide variety of installations. With its wide choice of compatible indoor units plus the unit’s capability for long horizontal and vertical copper runs, the compact outdoor air conditioning unit will equally suit out-of-town retail units, shop and office refurbishments, sports facilities or smaller new-build office projects.

Systems are made complete with Toshiba’s multi-language RBC AM54E controller that provides comprehensive cooling and heating supervision of all individual indoor units.

Toshiba’s expertise in HVAC systems has been gained over more than 60 years in the industry. Built-in leak detection, EN 60335-2-40 safety compliance as well as participation in the Eurovent certification programme confirm Toshiba’s commitment to the performance, safety and reliability that is engineered into every aspect of the BIG DI’s design and manufacture.

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