Inverter AC Systems, Perfect For SA Homes and Offices

Inverter AC Systems, Perfect For SA Homes and Offices

As has been well said by Mr Hisao Tanaka, CEO and President of Toshiba Corporation, “At Toshiba, our diverse capabilities range from devices to battery and inverter technologieswhich is why they are walking away with award after award on the innovative technology front. Never shying away from even the smallest challenge, innovation has kept Toshiba at the forefront, which inverter AC systems amply demonstrate.

Service, Upgrade Or Replace?

Everyone is watching the pennies, but we don’t want to be ‘penny-wise and pound foolish’. When it comes to rapidly advancing technologies it’s always best not to get left too far behind. The aircon industry is one such fast-growing sector. In recent years, the advent of inverter ACs has received such accolades, we’d be foolish to ignore the advancements in the interests of ‘saving a penny now’ to repair or service our AC units.

Put it this way – service and repair at will but always keep in mind that the technology now implemented in inverter AC systems is out there and absolutely in tune with the current trends toward environmentally friendly functioning and cost-effective operation and recoverable outlay included. Have replacement as a goal, not to’ keep up with the Joneses’, but to keep up with the times, seriously.

5 Reasons Why Inverter ACs Outdo Non-Inverter Systems

  • First up is, of course, the energy saving factor:

Inverter technology comes with a greater initial outlay but those costs are recuperated faster than the non-inverter systems.

  • Wear and tear

Non-inverter systems operate similarly to starting up the car, running at full speed and switching it off only to start it up a short while later, run top speed for another short stint. Imagine that wear and tear against the inverter AC systems, which drop the temperature a fraction lower than the setting and draws only enough power to top it up to maintain the desired temperature. We’re looking at a longer life for aircon systems across the board.

  • Cooling speed

At the start, inverter ACs may use more power than the non-inverter to reach the desired temperature, which means cooling temp is reached faster and we all appreciate that. The upshot of that though is that the energy drain is negligible for the rest of the time the system is operating.

  • Quiet

Possibly the most ergonomic feature of the inverter AC technology is the fabulous quiet. Because it needs so little to retain the desired temp once reached there is no incessant ‘whooshing’ or in some cases, ‘roaring’ sounds experienced with non-inverter conditioners.

  • Comfort

Inverter AC technology has brought us the ultimate in aircon comfort precisely due to the way it retains a constant cool rather than letting it drop low enough to trigger the motor to go on full power and reach the right temp again. With features that see that the cool air is well circulated, room temperatures are kept stable as never before.

The really good news for dwellings running home offices or housing benefiting from air conditioning is the nifty Suzumi residential aircon – a top choice without a doubt. The development of the new and exclusive DC hybrid inverter AC system keeps Toshiba an industry leader in a fast-growing market, helping to eliminate sharp fluctuations in the load placed on the power supply.

Bringing us a compact product with low-noise and low-energy features are not all Toshiba has delivered. Their HFC type refrigerant boasts advanced environmental consideration. One reason being the use of a fully sealed refrigeration cycle, which prevents even a hint of leakage into the atmosphere.

Inverter AC units are not only perfect for SA homes and offices but have particular benefit in the aerospace, marine, rail and road aircon needs. Inverter ACs come into their own simply because the temperature controls factor in parameters such as car occupancy and available current.

It is with good reason we recommend replacing any aircon system with the new inverter AC options.