Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC Systems and their Benefits

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There are several benefits to Variable Refrigerant Flow systems that make it a viable option.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are a flexible and efficient solution to commercial air conditioning. For starters, they suit any premises that require a tailored system spanning multiple zones. These include offices, restaurants, apartments, hotels and retail stores.
There are several benefits to Variable Refrigerant Flow systems that make it a viable option:

They’re energy efficient

A VRF HVAC system utilises less energy which means lower utility bills. A clever design allows it to harness heat from cooling processes that is then reused in any areas that require heating. It was also designed to provide the exact cooling output in response to current temperature conditions. This results in it running at a lower capacity and less frequently, too.

Dual heating and cooling

These systems are able to heat and cool at the same time, making for more comfortable and convenient living. This means being able to heat the office during winter, whilst keeping smaller conference rooms cool when they’re filled with people during a meeting.

Quiet yet effective

The condenser of a VRF HVAC is often noisy but this isn’t a worry in the slightest. This unit is normally placed outside to eliminate any irritations. In addition, the indoor components of this system are smaller and more silent than other air conditioners. So you can keep your focus and stay cool.

Temperatures remain consistent

One of the most annoying pitfalls of air conditioning might be those cold or hot spots. VRF is intelligent in the way that it determines the exact temperature of each zone. It then releases the precise quantity of refrigerant to ensure you’re always comfortable. This results in better temperature control that fights humidity and those awkward spots we mentioned above.

Less space for installation

Although it’s a ducted system that involves a more complex installation, it’s well worth it in the end. Through ducts and not bulky wall-mounted units, you can now enjoy the extra space on your premises without having to share it. This is why many homeowners go ducted because they’re able to maintain the aesthetics of their home.

Whether it’s commercial or residential, we’ve got several solutions

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