Why Choose A Ducted Air Conditioner System For Your Home?

AHI Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioning

Your home needs a reliable cooling system that won’t let you down, especially during those sweltering summer months when it’s in high use. Ducted air conditioning is an effective solution for residential properties for a number of reasons. Find out below why Ducted air conditioning could be the right choice for you:

Enjoy more value for money

No matter what your financial status is, no one wants to overspend on purchasing and installing a cooling unit, or its running costs. Ducted air conditioning offers great value to those who choose it as it is relatively cheap to install versus installing a wall mounted unit in each and every room. It also adds increased value to your home as properties with ducted systems are in high demand.

It’s a complete home solution

A ducted system can be utilised all year round! From warm summer nights to colder winter days, you can rely on a system like this one to keep your home well ventilated and at a comfortable temperature 365 days a year.

You can choose your zones

Ducted systems can be divided into zones. This makes choosing which areas of your home to cool much easier to do, and means you won’t spend lots of time opening and closing doors to get the airflow right. Zone cooling also ensures you don’t waste energy cooling empty guest rooms, so you save on your utility bill.

Silence is golden

Your home is your sanctuary, where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet. This means that a noisy air conditioning unit is simply not an option. Ducted systems offer homeowners the quietest air conditioning option so they can stay cool and enjoy the silence.

Ease of control and even air distribution

Ducted systems allow for fantastic control of temperature across your entire home. Whether you choose to set timers that function automatically or prefer to work manually, a ducted system helps ensure that your home environment is of a consistent temperature with no hot or cold spots that make you or your family uncomfortable.

Don’t detract from your interior

If you take pride in your home and appreciate a good aesthetic, then a ducted system will help keep you cool without impacting the look of your home. Because a ducted system is out of sight, it won’t ever detract from the careful styling of your interior. It also makes hanging art, mirrors and wall pieces an easier feat, as you won’t have to factor in a wall mounted unit.

Call the residential experts

We pride ourselves on being the trusted professionals within the residential cooling sector. It’s why we’ve become the leaders in cooling innovation. For more on AHI Toshiba and how we can keep your home cool, why not visit our website today? www.ahi-toshibasa.co.za