Aircon Installation – Top Tips For The Best Results

aircon installation top tips

Whether you’re wanting aircon installation for your home office, wine cellar or bedroom it makes sense to link in with the professionals. Many self-professed DIY gurus have erred in this aspect. After all, how hard can it be to fit a machine against a wall? Think again! The risk of literally losing your cool is almost guaranteed as things start going awry.

Air conditioning units are particular beasts. Correct installation will make all the difference to its effectiveness, its running costs and its durability. Anyone willing to risk all that to save on professional help for an aircon installation is really just being penny wise and pound foolish.

The fact is that the need for air conditioning is growing for two key reasons. For one, global warming is seeing more and more heatwave scenarios the world over. Second, the quality of the air we breathe in indoor conditions is fast becoming a mitigating factor. Staff scientist with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Indoor Environment Group, Mark Mendell, cautions; “If you have a badly maintained system, it can become contaminated with microorganisms that may be harmful if inhaled.

aircon installation top tips from toshiba

Getting The Best Out of Your Aircon Installation

Having made the smart decision to acquire air conditioning for your particular purposes, it makes sense to protect your investment by arranging expert help with the installation.

Betting the best out of your aircon also involved the consistent maintenance of the unit. Performance and durability are two factors directly related to the standards of upkeep. The health and well-being of the people daily breathing the indoor air another prime factor.


Though it pains to say, in the world of aircon installations, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Most of us make the mistake of thinking that the bigger our aircon, the quicker it cools the room. No so. The unit will run hopelessly inefficiently, cycling on and off rapidly. An oversized aircon can neither reduce humidity, (which is essential) nor generate uniform temperatures.

Naturally, a unit that is undersized will certainly not be able to adequately cool the room. A reputable installation company will not make this kind of error. Getting in the experts will most surely save you time and money. And that always matters.

Aircon Installation & Positioning

When it comes to positioning aircon installations, many choose to place one in the room’s hottest spot.  But having aircon installation in direct heat or sunlight simply makes it work harder and wear out sooner. Shady places on the cool side of the room, provide the running system with optimal conditions.

Another cardinal error is that because the air conditioning units are hardly decor-friendly, people tend to want to hide the unit away somehow. Tucking your aircon installation behind curtains or in alcoves only makes circulation more difficult. The same goes for outdoor fittings for your installation. It is best to keep the machinery away from plants and shrubs, no matter how unsightly. Struggling to circulate air strains the unit and dramatically spikes the electricity bill.

Indoor Air Quality

We may fastidiously seal our homes from outdoor pollution, but we may, simultaneously be sealing in poor air. The culprits that present us with indoor air ‘pollution’ are resins, mould, mildew, dust, carpeting, animal hair and indoor pollens. A great reason to invest in an aircon installation to start with. Toshiba for one, pride themselves in their new IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) filter, which is fitted with every installation. The filtration technology used directly targets those common factors and pushes our pure oxygen for your family to breathe.

The health benefits of pure oxygen are far-reaching. It’s better for our brains, for our immunity system and for our lung health. Gifting the family or office environment with air conditioning is undoubtedly the way of the future.

Choosing the Right Contractor

A reputable installation team can assist you with many tips for operating your aircon installation to maximum benefit. That’s putting money where your mouth is. Covering all the above contingencies and more, a contractor will take your preferences into account as much as possible.

Toshiba has a team of verified contractors for their residential installations. Making use of them avails one of impeccable workmanship and someone to go back to should the need ever arise.

Having completed your professional aircon installation, you would be well-advised not to be tempted to leave it running all day. It’s tempting, we know. Some do so because they want the house to be cool when they get home from work or an outing. We would be wiser to invest in a programmable thermostat with a timer that can kick your aircon into gear and start cooling the house down half an hour before arriving home after a long day.

All in all, congratulations are in order if you arranged professional help for an air-con installation and are committed to maintaining it regularly. Thereafter, we wish you good health if you have Toshiba’s new innovative IAQ filters, which will consistently deliver great quality indoor air.