Finding the Perfect Temperature for Blissful Massage Therapy

Finding the Perfect Temperature for Blissful Massage Therapy

There’s absolutely no doubt that we, as a species, love the sensation of touch. Just watch a new parent with a tiny baby – constantly stroking, kissing and hugging the little body. Or think about the feeling of relaxation and bliss when your partner pulls your feet up onto their lap after a long, hard day and gives you a gentle massage. Whether you’re enjoying a 5-minute neck rub, or you’ve been treated to professional massage therapy – the happy hormones are definitely out and about.

What isn’t so great, however, is being pampered with a professional massage at a gloriously restful spa but finding that you’re melting into a puddle on the massage table. Or worse – you’ve stripped off in preparation of your spoiling and now you’re shivering beneath the chill of the air-conditioner.

What Is The Ideal Temperature for Massage Therapy?

If you’re in the business of beauty and massage, you’ll understand how much your clients value their “me” time. Just taking an hour or so out of the stresses of the real world and enjoying a deep, relaxing back, neck or head massage is one of the best ways to unwind.

With this in mind, you want to make them as comfortable as possible. Not too hot, not too cold, not too draughty.

A comfortable ambient temperature hovers around the 21 – 25°C mark.

However, the challenge – as you well know – is that you as the massage therapist are generating a fair bit of body heat while performing your (vital) service, but the recipient of your attention is lying still. She’s too cold, and you’re probably working up a sweat.

Keeping The Client Warm

During the cooler months of the year, a reliable climate control system is going to be your best friend. Smartly positioned ducting is perfect for piping in fresh, warm air without creating a draft, or allowing cold spots in the most inopportune of places.

In addition to a comfortably warm room, some massage therapists go a little further and warm their tables up in preparation for their client’s treatment. A soft sheet atop a warm bed is only going to make the client happier.

It’s important to note that older people tend to feel the cold more than younger people do. The reasons may vary, but medical issues, poor circulation and alternative fat distribution can all play a part in their feeling cold even in a warmer room.

If needs be, additional blankets or heating pads can be used to maintain a nice even temperature while you move around the body.

Keeping The Client Cool

This is probably a slightly bigger issue here in South Africa when the summer sun melts the tar and the humidity quickly turns anyone into a puddle.

In this case, an air-conditioner is an absolute must!

Not only will your aircon cool the belting hot air before it gets into your carefully controlled environment, but it will also suck out the humidity. This fresh, cool air will be just what your stressed-out client needs as she enters your chambers, and she can settle comfortably on the crisp sheets of your massage table.

Once your client is relaxing on your table, you may find that their body temperature drops fairly quickly. As a seasoned professional, you’ve probably experienced this first-hand, and would obviously want to keep an eye on this as you perform your massage therapy.

Keeping it Comfortable

Even with the ongoing challenges of creating the perfect temperature for your client’s massage therapy, the magic of touch will win over in the end.

Communication between therapist and stressed-out mother of three should be easy and to the point. Is the room too cold for you? Do you feel comfortable with the sheet in this position? Most potential issues can be diluted with a little care and attention and a quietly dependable air-conditioning unit.

Do you need assistance in maintaining the perfect temperature for your massage therapy business? Chat to the Toshiba team for invaluable advice.