How Toshiba Air Conditioning Filters Keep Your Family Healthy

air conditioning filters

We have ensured that the Toshiba air conditioning filters within our HVAC systems both assist and protect us. Did you know that WHO (World Health Organization) attributes some 3 million deaths a year to outdoor air pollution? That makes air the single biggest environmental killer.  But as we know, the environment is not just all about what’s outside. A whopping 6.5 million deaths were associated with both indoor and outdoor pollution together.

air conditioning filters

The need for a good indoor air conditioning filter is propelled by the fact that indoor air can be more harmful than outdoor air.

How can that be?

Simply because they join forces with indoor pollutants and double our troubles. Studies indicate that the average person spends around 42.81% of their day at home, 38.23% at the office, or school or varsity, 10.73 % at other indoor facilities and a mere 8.23% in the great outdoors.

Considering all that recycled indoor air we breathe, quality air conditioning filters to purify indoor air all round makes 100% sense. The hard fact is that pollution is responsible for more deaths than dementia, diabetes and motor accidents.

While we could resort to wearing masks for outdoor pollution protection, what about all that time we spend breathing indoor air? Enter cutting-edge Toshiba air conditioning filter technology.

Toshiba Air Conditioning Filters – How Do They Work?

Put simply, when air is pulled through a series of filtration mechanisms, harmful, airborne particles are prevented from being circulated back into the air. Two primary methods do the trick:

  1. Fibre barrier – the fibrous tangle of the filter effectively creates an impassable barrier.
  2. Brownian motion – which refers to the inertia of tiny particles, which still become trapped as they dance through the turbulent air.

As the air twists and turns, whatever particles get through one series of fibre meshing they can never reach their journey’s end without being caught another.

This short but informative video tells us exactly how the concept works.

What Can Air Conditioners Protect Us Against?

The average indoor environment contributes copious amounts of airborne particles, which we inhale at our peril. Indoor pollution is further impacted by the chemicals used in cleaning indoor facilities. Add that to the already well-known culprits such as dust, smoke, pollens, gases, grease, bacteria and volatile organic compounds and we have uncovered the hidden dangers of indoor pollution.

These have long been identified in varying degrees of allergic reactions in humans. A strong case for Toshiba air conditioning filters!

The effects of poor indoor air are particularly critical regarding children who present with stunted lungs and cognitive difficulties that last a lifetime that, quite simply, is unacceptable.

Toshiba air conditioning filters have been created to defend us and future generations by assisting homes and public buildings to filter indoor air. One of their capabilities lies in the application of the IAQ (Indoor Air filter) technology. The winning aspect of this technology is that manages to purify the air without reducing the airflow capacity of the air conditioning unit.

The new Toshiba air conditioning filter contains silver, which has powerful germicidal effects, and Leuconostoc mesenteroides and its enzymes. The Toshiba filter is also boosted by:

  • Anti-bacteria: destroys up to 99,9% of bacteria.
  • Deodorizing power: absorbs and decomposes smoke, ammonia, volatile organics, food smells and bad odours.
  • Mould inhibitor: prevents the formation of mould and fungi.
  • Anti-virus properties: even those as deadly as the avian influenza virus (H5N1).

The power of pure air is indisputably becoming of critical importance. We cannot avoid all pollution but keeping our indoor air clean with air conditioning filters helps our immune system immensely.

Fresh air is filled with ions, which silently contributes to our sense of wellbeing. Pure oxygen destroys germs viruses and harmful bacteria. Inhaling stale air does the exact opposite. Being able to breathe clean air cleanses our lungs because they dilate more fully. Dirty or stale air causes the heart to work harder, so the fresher the air, the less stress on the heart. More fresh air also means better brain functionality.

Clearly, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

One thing’s for sure, the case for the air conditioning filter will become a necessity as air pollution continues to assail our planet. Our family’s health is more tied to the quality of the interior air of our homes and public building that we ever realized before. We seal our homes form unwanted exterior invaders but in so doing we also trap contaminants inside.

All is not lost thanks to ongoing innovation and technological advances from Toshiba and their cutting-edge air conditioning filters.

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