Modernise your home’s style and comfort with the new Toshiba Haori air conditioner

17 April 2023, Johannesburg – For the best in modern air conditioning units, homeowners don’t need to look any further than the Toshiba Haori system which offers pure quality in terms of style and comfort.

With its elegant design, smart features and reliability, the Haori unit provides everything required to control the atmosphere within a house, keeping residents and visitors feeling comfortable day and night, regardless of the weather conditions.

With a range of features and its ability to change colours to fit in with its surroundings, along with its silent operation, it has the ability to blend into any home.

Truly elegant design

The Toshiba Haori features a stylish textile fabric cover which is easy to dress, changing its look to suit the aesthetic appeal of any room.

A simple design which allows for consistent change, this unit has a cover which can be peeled off and replaced.

Ensuring it can fit into all potential surroundings, covers are available in six colours. Colours can also be customized locally by working with your interior design team.

  • light grey
  • dark grey
  • bluish grey
  • grey beige
  • emerald blue
  • dark brown

Always reliable

Powerful values are at the heart of everything we do at Toshiba, including innovation, efficiency, high reliability, energy savings and respect for the environment.

For over 50 years, the brand has provided its clients with the guaranteed precision and expertise of flawless Japanese quality, and the Haori system is no different.

Smart control functions

With the Toshiba Haori, the comfort of a home environment can be enhanced from anywhere in the world.

– Power select and ECO modes to reduce energy bills

– Hi-power for rapid cooling or heating

– Magnetic wall-mounted holder

– Energy monitoring

– Smart speaker voice control functions compatible with Google Home Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Innovative inverter technology

Toshiba’s rotary compressor technology combines exemplary performance with outstanding reliability.

Minimising fluctuations to ensure a constant temperature in indoor environments, it increases efficiency while eliminating the risk of incidental noise.

Inverter technology also allows the regulation of the system’s heating and cooling capacity at all times by adjusting the compressor speed to demand.

Other features of the Haori unit include the Toshiba Ultra Pure Filter, which captures up to 94% of PM 2.5; the Toshiba Plasma Ionizer, which catches and neutralises contaminated particles; and the Toshiba Magic Coil which ensures it is always as clean as new.