Toshiba Haori air conditioner brings an elegant new dimension

Toshiba Haori

AHI Carrier South Africa is pleased to announce the release of a brand new range of Designer units. Toshiba Haori winner of the 2021 iF Design and Good Design Award is a one of a kind unit that allows the user to easily change colours by removing the “peel and stick” textile cover and replacing it with a colour to suit the room and user style. Choose from a big selection of factory covers or use as a template to make your own cover to match your furniture fabric or curtains.

With its elegant design giving your interior a new dimension, the new Haori unit offers the innovation, efficiency, high reliability, energy savings and respect for the environment which are at the heart of everything Toshiba does.

Some of these key features include:

  1. Offers A+++ for cooling & heating for maximum energy efficiency
  2. Ultra-quiet system at less than 19 dB(A)
  3. Silent operation down to 37 dB(A)
  4. The Toshiba Ultra Pure Filter effectively captures up to 94% of PMI 2.5
  5. The Toshiba Plasma ionizer rids the home-contaminated particles by catching and neutralizing them and
  6. The Toshiba magic coil has a self-clean function that keeps it clean.

The integrated WiFi module provides multiple smart features, including timers, indoor and outdoor temperature display, a child lock function and an automatic mode.

In addition, the infrared remote control is designed for ease of use, with an app available to control the unit via a mobile device, enhancing your comfort at home or away.

The latest Toshiba Haori air conditioners will be available from AHI Carrier South Africa next year, with the range of potential colours to be based on customer preference.