High Static Ducted



Toshiba high static ducted systems provide a wide range of static pressure, allowing airflow to be directed to different areas of the home or office with ease.

With static pressure ranging from 50 to 270Pa and increased variation to airflow, ensures operation that suits most room layouts, making it an ideal system for cooling & heating multiple spaces.

Easy to install
• Electronic components accessible from the outside of the unit.
• Air fi lter and drain pump are available as an option.
• Lightweight design for quick and easy installation.
• With 7-step settings, the static pressure of the duct can range from 52 to 250 Pa.
• Up to 5,600 m3/h air fl ow to effi ciently blow the air into large rooms.
• 3-speed DC fan to provide correct air fl ow and maximise energy savings• Compatible with metal or textile ducts.

The flexible piping layout is made possible by the built-in drain-pump kit that raises the drain piping up to 850mm from the drain port.


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