Large Cassette

Large Cassette

This new four-way large cassette is unobtrusive and flexible and can easily blend in with any room interior.

Thanks to the new ceiling panel design, it enables uniform air distribution, providing total comfort. This system is ideal for small commercial applications.


  • Inverter Control: allowing for step-less capacity control, reducing energy consumption and improving comfort.
  • Individual louvre control allowing individuals to choose their desired airflow. Automatic grills ensure the entire room is cooled or heated.
  • Easier maintenance with the built-in long-life filter.
  • Hot start, to ensure no cool air is blown into the room when using pre-heating or defrosting functions.
  • Automatic air volume control.
  • Cooling at even -15°C ambient temperature.
  • Built-in drain pump allows for easy drainage.
  • Gradually dehumidifies the room to create even greater comfort.

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