Hi Wall Fixed Speed

Hi Wall Fixed Speed

Elegant Slim Design
With its attractive, slim-line design, this elegant and efficient air conditioner is best suited for applications where unobtrusive units are required. With its rounded shape and a slim body, the compact and stylish design of this hi-wall unit suits any interior aesthetics. Low sound levels ensure that no disturbances of activities which require silent air conditioning operation will occur.

Enhanced Air Filtration System

Hi-wall air conditioners are equipped with high-efficiency IAC air purifying systems:

Auto-turn Louvres

The air louver moves automatically to fill every corner of the room with warm or cool air. The indoor unit allows optimum air distribution throughout the room. The temperature distribution is perfectly uniform.


  • Pre-Filter plus IAQ high performance filter removing bacteria and viruses.
  • Self-cleaning function refreshing you naturally.
  • Nice & Easy remote controller with simple buttons for ease of use.
  • 5-Selectable Fan Speeds for your desired comfort.
  • HI-POWER button: cools your room faster, yet quiet when operating.
  • Eco-Logic with energy-savings of up to 25% compared with the standard setting, without sacrificing comfort.