Floor Standing

Floor Standing

Floor Standing

This system is particularly suitable to air condition large rooms like shops or showrooms or with low ceilings likerestaurants or lofts.

Optimized air flow

  • The unit has been designed to have particularly high air flow rates, which correspond to superior air throw values.
  • The wide and automatic vertical and horizontal air distribution angles, allow the air flow distribution to reach all areas, even when installed in large rooms.
  • High air flows: from 180 l/s to 600 l/s (660 m3/h to 2160 m3/h).
  • Wide air distribution angle: up to 150°.


  • Extensive indoor model range, with various styles of indoor unit
    designs, including small capacity 0.6Hp models.
  • Possibility to merge different styles of indoor units.


  • One user-friendly controller for all the indoor units helps to
    simplify the unit control.


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