Total piping length

  • Applied with Toshiba’s unique and greatly improved technology, SMMS-e can reach up to 1,000 meters
    maximum piping length.

Farthest pipe from 1st branch

  • Even more convenient with the piping distance from the first branch to the furthest indoor unit at 90 meters, increasing the flexibility of the installation within the hotel or office building.

Farthest equivalent length

  • The maximum equivalent distance between the outdoor unit and the farthest indoor unit tops at 235 meters, which tops the industry class.

Height between indoor units

  • Another industry’s top class is the maximum vertical distance between indoor units which reaches up to 40 meters, equal to an entire 11-storied building. SMMS-e’s enhanced piping capabilities result in more benefits for the system design, installation flexibility, as well as less installation cost.


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