SMMS-u, the latest generation of Toshiba VRF engineered in Japan, integrates a totally new redesigned chassis, a new compressor, and a new heat exchanger to achieve unrivalled efficiency, outstanding comfort level, and low environmental footprint.


  • Space efficient chassis design to ease product integration with no compromise on efficiency.
  • Exclusive Toshiba Triple rotary compressor offering high capacity, outstanding performances with less refrigerant.
  • Super efficient heat exchanger covering full product height to maximize energy exchange.
  • Intelligent VRF control ensures exact quantity of refrigerant to be delivered to the indoor units to avoid waste of energy.
  • KO-BE-TSU and Renkey new defrost solution for constant comfort level.


  • Up to 24HP in single module and max 120HP in combination, enter into a new dimension!
  • Up to 1,200m piping length max to cover the full building without splitting systems.
  • Less constraints with 128 indoor units maximum per system.
  • -25 to +52°C operating range to cover all climates over Europe .


  • Ease commissioning and maintenance with direct USB connection, Wave Tool advance and Link adaptor.
  • Trust into the new TU2C link protocol offering faster and stronger data transfer.

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