Super Heat Recovery Multi

Super Heat Recovery Multi

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Toshiba’s innovative SHRM-e three-pipe system boasts exceptional seasonal efficiency, reduced operating costs and outstanding quality with reliability and air comfort kept in mind. The natural design flexibility and rapid installations prove to benefit the consultants.The SHRM-e is equipped with Toshiba’s in-house twin-rotary all-inverter compressor accompanied with endless variable control and improved heat exchanger design. Mastering seasonal efficiency as it is capable of cooling and heating the building simultaneously.


Accomplishing ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 8 and above, ensuring a continuous efficient solution to the customers heating and cooling requirements. Toshiba SHRM-e has a wide range of sizes from 8-20hp on single chassis configuration and 22-42hp on modular chassis consisting of 2 or more units.


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Therefore the customer has maximum flexibility and ease of installation.The SHRM-e innovative technology provides for equal and accurate refrigeration flow, delivering a year-round constant temperature. Customers are able to enjoy a satisfying indoor temperature, without being directly exposed to a cold draft.


For larger installations consisting of up to 8 indoor units, the user is able to have individual control over the set temperature and on or off status. This will result in the user having control over the temperature, ensuring a save in operating costs as units won’t be left running unnecessarily.