Relax in the sound of silence with Toshiba Seiya air conditioners


Toshiba is constantly innovating towards air conditioning excellence. Seiya from Toshiba is a high-performance air-conditioner with A++ Energy Class cooling and heating capacity. Moreover, it is a cost-effective quiet solution that uses the new Toshiba inverter and compressor technology with R32 refrigerant to offer a powerful and efficient heating and cooling performance and year-round comfort for home and office environments.

Together with the design for tomorrow, SEIYA was invented for convenience and a smart lifestyle for you and your family.

With a magic coil providing clean, ultra-fresh ambient air, the sleek, modern unit is easy to use, with its features including a self-cleaning function which keeps the coil without moisture build-up and mold after operation.

Engineered with noise reduction control, the Toshiba Seiya R32 features a ‘quiet’ function for indoor use and a ‘silent’ function for outdoor use.

Take complete control of your comfort with the Toshiba home AC control app from a distance via a smartphone or tablet, both at home and on the move.

Experience the sound of silence with Toshiba and the Seiya R32, available now from AHI Carrier South Africa.

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