Why Residential Central Air Conditioning is Perfect for Your Home

Residential central air conditioning is a next-generation solution that upgrades any home without hiking up the utility bill. To be sure, residential central air conditioning is not only perfect for your home but also for the office and for schools, restaurants and shopping centres too.

Having one central control to bring cool air to all parts of the house means the indoor climate control works optimally for the conditions prevailing in each room. This is not a one-size-must-fit-all solution. Intelligent design in residential central air conditioning makes sure individual preferences are considered. Let’s get the low-down here so informed choices can be made for combatting 2020’s summer heat.

If you are in the process of designing or building your home, this is the perfect moment to get creative and install a residential central air conditioning solution.

Advantages & Features of Residential Central Air Conditioning

Ducted, central aircon installation takes place primarily in the roof when it comes to residential installations. Out of sight, but super effective cooling belongs to central air-cooling systems.

Let’s list the benefits and features for your consideration:

  • Energy efficiency is a priority today. Lower running costs and more efficient cooling is the TOSHIBA mantra. The surprise for many is that central ducted air conditioning is so perfect in the residential setting.
  • Zoning capability facilitates control of the conditioning in different rooms. That means it can be turned off for rooms that are not in use.
  • Quiet operation is another well know feature of ducted central air conditioning. The master compressor is not in the roof thundering above your head while you try to sleep. It is usually placed away from bedrooms in a suitable place on the property. Whisper quiet aircon is worth its weight in gold.
  • Cheaper than servicing several individual units and requiring less attention overall, central air conditioning is a dream come true.  The moment you need to cool a few rooms, ducted aircon is the answer.
  • Multi-level homes benefit hugely from central air conditioning. The ducts are seamless and reach all levels, basements included.
  • Power capabilities for ducted air conditioning are astounding and at the touch of a button, cool the entire house within minutes. How vastly different that is to running to all the different units in each room to turn them on.
  • Aesthetics is a consideration and works to upgrade your property. Rather than having clumsy units hung about on outside walls supporting invasive air conditioners suspended on indoor walls, the out-of-sight ducting is invisible. It’s classy and looks good on the inside too.
  • LPG friendly, the central aircon option means, when the power outages are on the go, you can still have a cool home, which helps with the frustrations power outages are famous for inducing in the best of us.
  • Family Health Central air conditioning in residential properties means pure indoor air, which for children and seniors also means fewer doctor’s bills.

Let the Experts Design the Right Configuration for Your Home Air Conditioning System

Tailor-made air conditioning requires professionals. Don’t be tempted to DIY here. The professionals know how to work within your budget and can design amazing configurations to suit your individual preferences and lifestyle.  When a system is designed for a home, it operates to the highest levels of efficiency, which go a long way to saving on monthly running costs.

TOSHIBA is long known for cutting edge technology and innovation. That means that you can wirelessly control your central residential air conditioning anytime from anywhere. Whether yours is a new home-build or an existing one, it is highly recommended that central ducted air conditioning be applied in residential settings. Costing less than the split systems often used and the savings on monthly electricity bills, the initial cost outlay is soon recouped.

Residential central air conditioning systems are without a doubt the way of the future but why wait? Get your home’s climate control sorted. Keep your cool no matter where you are in your house and enjoy your indoor climate with your family, your pets and your guests.

Please feel free to call us today on 011 878 6320 and we will design the perfect configuration for your home.