• AvAnt

    Although Toshiba has developed the AvAnt inverter range for residential applications, it is so well designed that it can be used in light commercial applications such as small pc rooms and other applications as well. The indoor and outdoor units are extremely quiet when operating and provides admirable all round comfort. Using Toshiba’s twin rotary compressor technology the units provide high energy efficient heating and cooling.
  • Big Di – High Static Ducted Air Conditioner

    Whatever the shape of the room, high static ducted air conditioning units ensure uniform temperatures throughout. Cool or warm air is ducted into the room through diffusers, discreetly positioned in the walls or ceiling. These units are ideal for applications with a long duct runs where high external static pressures and high airflow are required.
  • Compact Cassette

    This cassette has been designed to suit all standard 600×600 mm grid ceilings to allow simple and easy installation and maintenance. Its compact design blends with any room interior, where appearance is as important as functionality and ease of installation.
  • Daiseikai

    Daiseikai (RAS-N3_KVP) series is among the top class in Toshiba’s residential air conditioner segment. This split system impresses with very high energy efficiency values, powerful active air treatment and a new stylish design.
  • Digital Inverter – Outdoor Units

    Toshiba Digital Inverter – Outdoor Air Conditioning is an advanced solution that meets the growing market need for ease of installation and increased consumer comfort. While using environmentally responsible refrigerant R410A.
  • Hi Wall Fixed Speed

    Elegant Slim Design With its attractive, slim-line design, this elegant and efficient air conditioner is best suited for applications where unobtrusive units are required. With its rounded shape and a slim body, the compact and stylish design of this hi-wall unit suits any interior aesthetics. Low sound levels ensure that no disturbances of activities which require silent air conditioning operation will occur.
  • Large Cassette

    This new four-way large cassette is unobtrusive and flexible and can easily blend in with any room interior. Thanks to the new ceiling panel design, it enables uniform air distribution, providing total comfort. This system is ideal for small commercial applications.
  • Standard Ducted Air Conditioner

    The use of ducts allows air outlets to be conveniently installed anywhere on the ceiling, eliminating the conspicuous presence of the air conditioner in the center of the room. Toshiba’s ducted air conditioning can be applied to a wide variety of layouts from narrow spaces to polygonal rooms. They also greatly improve the aesthetics of a room with its unobtrusive presence.
  • Super Daiseikai

    The 4th generation of Toshiba Super Daiseikai split systems rank the highest in energy efficiency of up to 5.5COP. It employs sophisticated intelligent air quality management through the use of an active plasma air purifier, an ionizer as well as advanced filters. The target of Japanese designers was not only to adopt the very latest technology in terms of energy efficiency but also to design according to new lifestyle trends. With its compact dimensions and modern design, the Super Daiseikai is elegant, discreet and unobtrusive and doesn’t disturb the ambiance inside a room. The compact, well sculpted outdoor units can be installed in various locations on walls, roofs or balconies.
  • Super Heat Recovery Multi

    smrm logo
    Toshiba’s innovative SHRM-e three-pipe system boasts exceptional seasonal efficiency, reduced operating costs and outstanding quality with reliability and air comfort kept in mind. The natural design flexibility and rapid installations prove to benefit the consultants.The SHRM-e is equipped with Toshiba’s in-house twin-rotary all-inverter compressor accompanied with endless variable control and improved heat exchanger design. Mastering seasonal efficiency as it is capable of cooling and heating the building simultaneously.   Accomplishing ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 8 and above, ensuring a continuous efficient solution to the customers heating and cooling requirements. Toshiba SHRM-e has a wide range of sizes from 8-20hp on single chassis configuration and 22-42hp on modular chassis consisting of 2 or more units.   Read More...
    Therefore the customer has maximum flexibility and ease of installation.The SHRM-e innovative technology provides for equal and accurate refrigeration flow, delivering a year-round constant temperature. Customers are able to enjoy a satisfying indoor temperature, without being directly exposed to a cold draft.   For larger installations consisting of up to 8 indoor units, the user is able to have individual control over the set temperature and on or off status. This will result in the user having control over the temperature, ensuring a save in operating costs as units won’t be left running unnecessarily.
  • Super Modular Multi System

    logo smms Toshiba introduces the new high-performance 2 pipe VRF system with 2 compressors and 2 inverters. Adopting the highly efficient new DC twin-rotary compressors and advanced vector-controlled inverters realize a COP of 6.38 (under 50% partial load). The new Toshiba DC twin-rotary compressors that feature outstanding capacity under partial load drive are used in the outdoor units. These new compressors, along with Vector control and highly efficient heat exchangers improve both energy efficiency and comfort levels. All-inverter control realizes finer control over operation of the air conditioners to match the load on the system.
  • Suzumi +

    Innovative technology, ingenious features and attractive design – Toshiba’s Suzumi+ raises the standard of air conditioning yet again with a new level of comfort. Comfort comes with the whisper quiet operation and optimum airflow management system, whilst the new filtration system allows you to breathe cleaner air.